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Stress Check-up

Integral Stress Test

This test method is a holistic and evidenced based instrument to capture systemic causes of fatigue and loss of power. The test, however, is also useful as prevention of subjectively healthy people, to test their physical and mental performance and to detect possible neurobiological imbalances.

Non-specific symptoms such as lack of energy, fatigue, burnout, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, restlessness, aggressiveness and migraine, tinnitus and eating disorders are often symptoms of chronic stress conditions and / or deficiencies of various hormones, vitamins or micronutrients.

The Integral stress test detects neurobiological parameters and is made up of individual modules, which can also be used separately. To detect individual risks for stress and mental related diseases the entire test should be performed.

The following data are collected:

  • Detection of symptoms and risk factors through the electronic answering of standardized symptom-oriented questionnaires.
  • Laboratory test of saliva and urine samples (Cortisol diurnal profile, neurotransmitter balance), and any further symptom-dependent parameter.
  • Measurement of the heart rate variability to detect autonomic disorders and sleep analysis.
  • Detailed final discussion and consultation with recommendations if necessary further examinations and treatments.
  • Detailed report of findings.

All data can be collected by the participants themselves.

The evaluation and analysis of the data is carried out in collaboration with the Your Prevention ™ Network, a consortium of international experts who are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of stress-related diseases.