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 Anti-Aging Check-up

“Healthy aging” is practised holistic medicine, which is based on the seven pillars of preventive medicine.

In contrast to the repairing medicine, the preventive and anti-aging medicine allows healthy people of all ages to set self-determined and actively the course of their health in future. Primarily, the focus should be on the improvement of lifestyle with elimination of the risk factors, such as smoking, on an optimized nutrition, regular physical activity and mental balance. The supplementation of micronutrients and hormones, as well as aesthetic aspects should be made however individualized and risk-adapted.

All starts with the individual diagnosis. Aligned on the personal risk, necessary preliminary investigations are carried out, which provide the basis for a targeted Anti-Aging concept.p>

With the Anti-Aging Check-up your individual risk profile is created. The test will be individually adapted and can include the following services:

  • Anamnesis with risk and lifestyle assessment (diet, exercise)
  • Measurement of blood pressure, weight / BMI / waist circumference
  • Measurement of body fat percentage
  • Individual diagnostics if necessary (health and performance diagnostics) For this purpose, it is particularly recommended to realize a cardiovascular check-up with the detection of your biological age.
  • Risk-adapted laboratory analysis of the parameters of essential aging processes like oxidative and nitrosative stress, mitochondrial function loss, AGE proteins (Advanced glycosylation end products), hormones, vitamins, micronutrients, silent inflammation, factors of cardiovascular diseases and tumor markers, telomere length measurement, risk-related gene diagnostic.
  • Detailed final discussion and consultation with recommendations if necessary further examinations and treatments.
  • Detailed report of findings.